The Process


The process

Upon receipt of new delinquent accounts they are immediately reviewed for accuracy and consistency. An acknowledgment is sent to our client listing all accounts placed with our agency.  The first letter is sent in compliance with the Fair Debt Collections Practice Act (FDCPA). Next, our agency proceeds with numerous phone calls determined to create payment arrangements.  If the debtor disputes an account, we initiate negotiations with the debtor and communicate the resolution to our client for mutual satisfaction.

If we cannot attain a settlement, we request permission to proceed by forwarding the delinquent accounts to our collection attorneys. Our collection attorneys specialize in all aspects of collections and are located across the country.  Upon acceptance of our clients written consent to initiate legal action, the accounts are sent to our attorney and litigation is commenced.

Once judgment is obtaining against the debtor we will immediately execute against personal property with restraining notices and garnishments, and levies.


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Selecting a Professional Collection Service

Getting the most from your collection agency requires cooperation and communication.  The following are some key issues that can help determine the quality of an agency and increse your success in the future...

Market Knowledge
Make sure the agency has the skills and knowledge necessary to collect on your particular type of account

Another key step in selecting a reputable agency is checking the references and reliability of the agency with its other clients.

Professional Credentials
Determine if the agency holds membership in state or national trade associations such as the American Collectors Association


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